As Dad said about Boat-building: the first step is the hardest.

I have been meaning to begin this sand-dune restoration project for a number of years, and now – at last – I have taken the first step.

The sand-dune in question stretches north of our Boatshed, and is covered with aggressive plants which do not belong: Acacia saligna, Acacia cyclops, Olive, Coastal Teatree etc. I will replace them with  local species, in the usual Boatshed fashion: bit by bit.

One hundred years may or may not be time enough. We shall see….


I have found that carving a small object can be a  difficult project, and may well take longer than the carving of something larger.

I remember struggling with the construction of the tiny sailing skiff Kingfisher, a six foot replica of the original Silver Mist made by Dad long ago (about 1958).

Construction of Explorer  (1996) was, by comparison, straightforward. Her greater length seemed to be more forgiving  of (perceived) defects and imperfections.

I wanted this small spoon to be perfect, or at least beautiful.

Still working on it….