Here are the western weatherboards, after a first application of decking oil. I will tackle the second coat in a week or so, if there is a dry spell. The oil looks to be primarily Tung Oil, with small additions of Eucalypt, Pine etc.  It gives a lovely, fresh finish, which should change to soft grey over the next few years – especially on the western side of the Boatshed, where the wood will be exposed to the full impact of winter storms and summer heat.


FOR JEN J: Boatshed devotee

….who loved wood, water, rocks, and the wild creatures of land and sea.



unlooked for

her gifts
came at the quiet time
wrapped you could say
inside themselves

with certain hands
in mind
and a certain

small gifts
of large worth
to those who favour
the uncarved block

deep gifts
and rare gifts
for those who cherish
simple things

gifts that last the distance
and outlast distance
and keep giving

from within


As you can see, the native cypress weatherboard is finally in place on the western wall. A ribbon of ‘sisalation’, where the purlins lie, will be protected by an 8″x 1 1/2″ barge plank, which defines the edge of the roof.

Tomorrow should be fine, so I will give the weatherboard a coat of plant-based oil. The cypress will eventually turn a gentle grey colour; the oil is meant to provide nourishment – not delay the ‘greying’ process.

Next job: the southern wall frames