Watertight 3



A bit rough….it won’t make it into the pages of Wooden Boat Magazine – but the stem-piece is at least solid, and functional.

A final sanding, and paint will cover up any minor defects of workmanship.

I am hoping that the shipwright would be satisfied. For him, function and integrity were always the primary concerns; beauty might show itself when least expected.

We could say: Wabi Sabi boat-building



It has been a slow (and rather complicated) business – and I am, after all, a slow worker: slow by both temperament and choice.

But we have been landlubbers too long. With a bit of luck, Shearwater should be out on the water by early Autumn 2022.

I am looking forward to that auspicious Day.

The merest glimpse of Shearwater – moored in the shallows, perhaps, or drawn up with sails furled at the edge of the bay – somehow engendered a sense of comfort. She was undoubtedly poised for her next voyage….and all must be well with the world. *

*My Father as Mariner, page 91.