It has been a slow (and rather complicated) business – and I am, after all, a slow worker: slow by both temperament and choice.

But we have been landlubbers too long. With a bit of luck, Shearwater should be out on the water by early Autumn 2022.

I am looking forward to that auspicious Day.

The merest glimpse of Shearwater – moored in the shallows, perhaps, or drawn up with sails furled at the edge of the bay – somehow engendered a sense of comfort. She was undoubtedly poised for her next voyage….and all must be well with the world. *

*My Father as Mariner, page 91.

6 thoughts on “WATERTIGHT 2”

    1. Greetings Ian. Yes, Dad instructed all his young sons to wear life jackets, even on the calmest days.

      It was part of a cherished ritual, which is not forgotten or neglected.

  1. Nice work Chris
    You might be amazed at how patient some people can be when they know they will receive quality

    1. Thankyou Mike. My Dad built very solid boats. I am hoping the repairs will uphold that tradition!

      It has been a bit like completing a wooden jigsaw puzzle.

      Made to last….

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