Slow going, as I cut the native cypress with Dad’s Japanese Ryoba saw.

The kerf is minute: approximately 1 mm – so there is little waste. A truly amazing saw-blade.

These rough-sawn ribs are 3 mm thick – I will plane each of them down to 1.4 or 1.5 mm, using theĀ  Luben Low-Angle Block Plane.

(see my commentary: A Tale of Three Planes – March 2018).



I have been trying my hand at cutting, planing, scraping, bending and shaping a lute rib, using an off-cut of native cypress….

The rib is 1.5mm thick. After a bit of trial and error – chiefly error – I managed to bend it to the required curve, using the heated bending iron (which is maintained at an even temperature).

So far so good….