That’s as far as the lining goes, for the time being.

On to the next project: constructing wooden covers for the western windows andĀ  ventillation outlet. They should come into their own whenever the westerly sun generates too much warmth for comfort.

We plan to install two ‘Whirligigs’ on the roof – but moreĀ  of that later. The making of window covers will take a while yet: it is a fiddly job.

And I have not forgotten the heavy barge planks and fascia board, patiently waiting their turn….




Not, as far as I know, the original: a good facsimile…

We have hung it, for inpiration, in the north-west corner, where the old drafting table will find its new home.

That table has already provided the template (the heights and breadths) for a number of small boats long vanished, except in spirit….