I have been making gadgets as I go – and as the need arises.

The small wood clamps are designed to apply gentle pressure without damaging the ribs. I will use them when I glue the endliner and endclasp along the top edge of the shell….more about that anon.

As for the wood scraper: I can now apply forward energy through the palms of the hands, rather than via the thumbs and fingers.


The lute shell is free of the mould, and almost ready for fitting out….

Firstly, however, I must tidy up the rib joints from the inside – especially at the broad (curved) end, in preparation for the endliner. This provides reinforcement across the weakest point of the construction.

You can see that the tape is still attached; it will remain until the endliner  and endclasp are successfully installed. Since I work in a Boatshed, I am also inclined to fit heavy thwarts, quarter-knees and sawn frames – but I have an idea that lute Devotees would not approve….



Yesterday Sam and I strolled to the estuary, as we do every week, to inspect the river mouth and sand-dunes  and everything in between.

On the way back we turned to admire the land and seascape stretching away northwards.  A silvery light was slanting across the hills behind Normanville – and beyond that, across the hills east of Carrickalinga, where we used to have our patch of earth with the little wooden cottage and workshop.

I think my (unpaid) photographer has done a good job in capturing the scene with his trusty phone camera.


The body of the lute is now ‘watertight’, and I can set about about lifting it  off the template, or mould.

First, however, I will clean the outer surface of the ribs. I am instructed to keep the reinforcing tape in place until the end-liner and end-clasp are installed at the broad end (or stern, as I think of it).

To remove the lute body (shell) I must extract the two screws that hold the neck block to the template from the inside.  Of course, the ribs are already glued to the neck block, so the whole thing should come away easily enough.

If  it doesn’t, then I will certainly have  something to think about.

Sufficient unto the day etc….