Destined for the Paddock.

There are two additions:  Pink Gum (E. fasciculosa), and South Australian Blue Gum (E. leucoxylon).

The collection of  dune-care seedlings  includes Ficinia nodosa (previously Isolepsis), which has a charming common name: Knobby Club Rush – and the shrub of intoxicating scent, Olearia axillaris, otherwise known as Coastal Daisy Bush, or Wild Rosemary.

These  little  plants have acquired the potency of totems: companions of our youthful days – the long days of summer – as we explored the  adjacent dunes, or set sail for distant lands just across the Bay….

Watertight 5

An under-coat unites the patchwork…or, if you prefer, covers it up.

Shearwater looks to be as solid and stable – and heavy  – as ever.

Next, and possibly most difficult task of all: moving our little ship out of the Boatshed. The remaining work will be completed in the open, as autumn weather allows.