Watertight 5

An under-coat unites the patchwork…or, if you prefer, covers it up.

Shearwater looks to be as solid and stable Рand heavy  Рas ever.

Next, and possibly most difficult task of all: moving our little ship out of the Boatshed. The remaining work will be completed in the open, as autumn weather allows.

2 thoughts on “Watertight 5”

  1. Whenever you need to more hands to shift heavy boats, just call me.
    I will be on retreat from 20 March-29 April, so can you wait until May?
    If not I’ll be around to haul it down to the shore

    1. Thanks for the kind offer Ian.

      It will take a sophisticated computer program to co-ordinate various nephews. I will keep you posted.

      Plenty of outside work to do before Shearwater goes down to the sea again…

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