A number of visiting experts have declared that our southern Wall frames are over-engineered.

Well, they may be right, although I do not have a copy of the relevant building regulations on hand, to verify the claim. One thing is certain: if a badly-built wall is exposed to the fierce gales of January and July – and every other month bar one or two – it will sooner or later collapse.

To my mind, the frames are exactly what they should be: just right for the conditions – never mind building regulations and conventions. I would rather have an over-engineered boatshed, intact, than a ‘regulated’ structure on the verge of ruin.

The end-timbers are in place; my next task is to fit inner frames to the windows. These will support the glass, and provide an edge for the cypress cladding.


If all goes well, I should be installing the weatherboard in a week or so. No doubt there will be a few more (mild) dramas, as I re-invent the wheel yet again. I am a slow learner, and a slow worker, and so the work proceeds in the usual way: bit by bit.