Here are more planes (and one spoke shave) from Dad’s collection.

For those of you especially interested in plane Lore: Stanley Bailey 4 1/2 UK; Stanley Rebate 78 UK; Falcon UK; Footprint Australia….and various others.

An embarrassment of riches, so it seems – but their master kept all of themĀ  in working order, and happily employed.


TheseĀ  planes are from Dad’s collection of woodworking tools. They have been in storage for some twenty years – but the time has come for their caretaker to polish them up, and apply as much TLC as they can absorb.

Dad restored all three to working order, and he was especially fond of the largest: ideal for straightening long edges, and smoothing wide, irregular surfaces.

After so many years of solitude, they will soon resume their familiar vocation in the company of old friends – and so will I.