Mt Fuji

Here are two fine recut prints from the Hiroshige Mt Fuji series in vertical format.

There wasn’t much online interest, presumably because they show ‘foxing’ (brown spots) here and there. I secured them for scarcely a song.

The blemishes don’t bother me at all. These are old prints – maybe from the 1950’s, if not before. And  besides, I can choose to adopt the Wabi Sabi philosophy – celebration of imperfections….at least when it seems appropriate (or convenient).


Lute 2 is taking shape.

I have fastened the poplar block from the inside of the mould. Now comes the tricky task of carving facets to house the ends of the lute ribs.

Tricky, but I have done it once before; I should be able to do it again….

Gadgets 3

Here is my little fleet of wood clamps awaiting their first task: the gluing of an endliner  at the stern end of the lute. I enjoyed making them, and I tried to make them well; they are meant to last the distance – whatever that may be.

To my prejudiced eye they look quite charming and companionable….but apart from that, I am hoping they can actually do the job.