Gadgets 3

Here is my little fleet of wood clamps awaiting their first task: the gluing of an endliner  at the stern end of the lute. I enjoyed making them, and I tried to make them well; they are meant to last the distance Рwhatever that may be.

To my prejudiced eye they look quite charming and companionable….but apart from that, I am hoping they can actually do the job.


6 thoughts on “Gadgets 3”

  1. I have genius neighbour who makes his own tools if it can’t be bought–and some jobs require special adaptions for a specific job. He can fix anything and has high standard like you Chris..

    1. Thankyou Richard. Sometimes the high standards are a little too high for comfort. But I greatly admire fellows like your neighbor, who can invent, improvise and adapt: totally undaunted. They are the companions to have on a long journey.

  2. Its not a little fleet, but almost an armada!
    Greetings from Kathmandu.
    Very warm, overcast & muggy but nothing a good ceiling fan cant remedy.
    Arrived late last night. Woke at 4am Monday morning arrived 2.40am Tuesday morning Oz time.
    Planning ayurvedic massage this afternoon to straighten all the bent parts of my body

    1. Well done Ian. I hope you enjoy that massage.

      As for the wooden clamps: I will probably need a few more….

    1. Greetings Sally.

      If the little wood clamps turn out to be ‘non-functional’, I can always assemble them (as in the photos) to create an Installation….

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