The body of the lute is now ‘watertight’, and I can set about about lifting it  off the template, or mould.

First, however, I will clean the outer surface of the ribs. I am instructed to keep the reinforcing tape in place until the end-liner and end-clasp are installed at the broad end (or stern, as I think of it).

To remove the lute body (shell) I must extract the two screws that hold the neck block to the template from the inside.  Of course, the ribs are already glued to the neck block, so the whole thing should come away easily enough.

If  it doesn’t, then I will certainly have  something to think about.

Sufficient unto the day etc….

5 thoughts on “LEARNING CURVE 7”

  1. Good luck with removing this splendid shell safely … it’s a sculpture, reminds me of a giant nut husk

  2. Watertight you say? Are you thinking of putting a keel and sail on it?
    Or maybe stretch a skin across the surface to make a drum. 🙂
    I must come around soon again to hold it in my hands. It looks like it would be very light.

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