I am fitting and installing rib number five on the treble side.

There are eleven ribs in all. Two to go: number six bass and number six treble.

And beyond that, unexplored territory….


4 thoughts on “LEARNING CURVE 6”

  1. Looking very fine! I think there must be a book here, ‘Lute Lines’, or ‘The Year(s) of the Lute’, something like that–around the images you’ve gathered here. I imagine all kinds of thoughts cluster around the work as you’ve been doing it–it would be a dissertation on wood, woodworking, craft, music, and so on–like John Berger–it would be fun to write, and to read. Just in case you don’t have anything to do. . .

    1. Thanks Geoff. Will certainly keep in mind. There is plenty of material for such a venture.

      How about:’The Way of a Novice’, or ‘In search of Wabi Sabi’….

  2. It looks like rocket science to me Chris. Beautiful work as usual.
    With this level of focus and challenge, your mind should remain in excellent condition for as long as you need it to be.

    1. Greetings Bill. Well, we shall see. Getting my head round some of these curves and angles does require a persistent mind, if not a sharp one….

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