There has been some interesting weather these last few weeks: rain-squalls from the north-west, west, south-west and south. The southerly winds, in particular, were truly fearsome, and on one night (early morning) I felt just a little concerned – not so much for the boatshed, as the shack. But I need not have worried; our shack has weathered serious storms for sixty years. No doubt the boatshed will acquire a similar invincibility, if only by association.

Despite the bleak conditions, I managed to get something accomplished each day – slowly, like the tortoise.

Frames for the western wall, vertical end timbers, and inner window frames are all in place. Various uprights are faired and ship-shape, as Dad would say. The time has come to try my hand at installing the native cypress weather-board.

This cypress is such a beautiful wood. I could go on about it – but instead have asked Sam to take a few photos of one floorboard, in detail. There are many such boards.

You can see in the picture gallery that we have three western windows. The central one is actually a ventilation opening, controlled by wooden shutters. It should be especially useful during summer afternoons, when a gentle breeze, or zephyr, springs up in the west. At the southern end of the Wall is the main window, which provides a passing glimpse of the sea, for inspiration. Not too large – it isn’t a picture window: our chief focus will be on the boat in hand. To the north is a vertical window, framing the  olive branches and sturdy trunk of a sheoak.

So, everything is looking good to my eye, after weeks of finicky workmanship. Next posting will describe the weatherboard cladding.

2 thoughts on “WINTER HAS ARRIVED”

  1. Doesn’t that cypress pine have the most beautiful figure?
    You’ve convinced me to now to use the same for the posts on my planned garden shed.
    There has been a delay hesitating between beauty and cost; the rest of the house is now officially over-budget. However, beauty has won outright.
    I expect you have started the cladding by now; should be getting very cosy
    There have been lots of postings on your site since I last dropped in. Im trying to figure out how to get your postings automatically
    see you soon

    1. Thanks Ian. Remember that native cypress needs to be pre-drilled, just like oregon.

      Update subscription installed….

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