As Dad might have observed: what a business. Seven and a half weeks.

The floor is by no means perfect, but it is solid and durable (and of course I used very long nails). It should outlast this generation of aspiring shipwrights, and serve the next generation well enough.

Back to the southern wall.

4 thoughts on “LEARNING CURVE”

    1. According to my long metal ruler, the length of a nail (one of many) used for the floorboards is 65mm – or if you prefer: 2 and 6/10 inches. That should do the trick, I would have thought – but if not, the next generation can always replace them with longer nails….

    1. Thanks Guy. It’s looking good at a distance, at any rate….I’m not sure what a Floorboard Inspector would think. But so far, I haven’t received an official visitation.

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