I found the hammer. It was resting on a patch of earth. I put it back in the toolbox, next to its new companion, the Kozuchi hammer of Japanese origin.

The redicovered hammer hammers; the Kozuchi hammer absorbs knowledge from its Elder, by association.


2 thoughts on “REUNION”

  1. It so nice to read your words Chris. The building work is obviously very fulfilling in itself and the workshop should give many years of happy times ahead.

    1. Greetings Andy, and thankyou for your comments.

      I suppose building a boatshed is rather like building a boat: one task leads to another, and it is rewarding to look back and see what has been accomplished.

      Of course, there are days when I look back and see nothing but mistakes.

      But on the whole, the work suits my temperament, and fulfils an inherited philosophy of ‘bit by bit’……

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