The barges went up nicely. It was a  productive Day, thanks to my excellent Team of Barge and Fascia Specialists.

Months of prevarication and mild anxiety vanished in a moment.

Next job: installation of the galvanised gutter and flashing.

And construction of a tank stand: the Ironbark posts are already set in concrete; Ironbark  beams  cut to size;  notches for the beams completed  (after much sawing and chiselling and general hardship) – and in short, it seems likely that another significant structure is about to emerge.

More of that next time.

3 thoughts on “BARGE PLANKS AND FASCIA 2”

  1. It is looking so good Chris–how will you finish the exterior wood–will you oil it or stain it or let it grey–I am told that at least some oil is good to seal it. I am wondering what to do with my logs.

    1. Greetings Richard. I have given the exterior two or three coats of organic tung oil with pine and eucalypt etc (designed for decking) – and will apply a maintenance coat now and then. I expect the cypress will gradually go grey/silver, which I quite like – so I believe I should call that a win/win situation!

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