Made from Ironbark and Native Cypress.

I cut the wood in the Boatshed, and then assembled it on site – which is not my usual Way. Indeed, I was astonished that it all came together without a (serious) hitch.

I think it should do the trick….

7 thoughts on “IRONBARK LANDING 2”

    1. Thankyou Heather. The cypress decking boards didn’t like being fastened in straight lines! They required some gentle persuasion.

    1. I hadn’t thought of that. But I would certainly be disappointed if it succumbed to Hokusai’s Great Wave, or the Lady Bay equivalent….

  1. Nice.

    Is that a daub of black something-or-other on the bolt-heads fixing the frame joints, or are they something black and special?
    Second question: how do your tool-edges go with that ironbark?
    BTW don’t you blokes sleep? (See previous two comments)

    1. Greetings Mike. In answer to your three questions: the black substance is old-fashioned pitch.
      The tool-edges, including saw teeth, regularly go blunt, and need to be resharpened.
      As for sleep: I can only speak for myself….I was certainly asleep, but evidently my Comment was wide awake (and it looks like your Comment was also a night-owl….) !

      1. OK, the website clock is awry. I – and presumably you, something less than half an hour later – was operating in full, and blessedly unsaved, daylight.

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