I have been trying my hand at carving a simple spoon from a piece of Myall: Acacia pendula.

That upright section of Myall in the photos weighs half a ton, was extraordinarily difficult to cut with a handsaw -and should respond sweetly to the carving chisels (as long as they are sharp).

I have been asked a number of times why I carve spoons. My answer, in brief, is that I enjoy carving spoons.

It is a fine discipline; a useful way to sharpen skills.

And they remind me of boats….

3 thoughts on “MYALL”

  1. I would like to see how you do it–they look so perfect a machine couldn’t do as well

    1. Greetings Richard. At some stage I will post a series of photos to explain the sequence of carving.

      It is a ‘bit by bit’ approach, which includes a dash of patience, or stubbornness; much frustration if the wood is flawed internally – and an element of luck….

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