Fashioned from an old post: certainly a eucalypt, possibly Pink Gum.  A tough wood to carve, but worth the effort: it takes a lovely, soft burnish.

4 thoughts on “ADDITION TO THE FLEET”

  1. Stunning simplicity as always Chris–by the way after the Viking ship post I remembered a doco telling how the Viking women wove the sails out of wool–in manageable sixed squares which were then sewed together to make the whole single sail–must have weighed a ton. I assume, while not being the best way to make a sail, it was the only material available.

    1. Greetings Richard. In a subsequent video you will see the crew usng a giant wooden winch, of sorts, to help raise and lower the sail. Perhaps that is how they coped with heavy woollen sails long ago – that, and plenty of (expendable) manpower.

      The apprentices working in the Lady Bay Boatshed do not have such resources, and will no doubt resort to modern materials for their sails….even the traditional canvas is difficult to handle and maintain.

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