Slow going….

….but the Tortoise eventually triumphed, so we are told.

As Dad would say: I choose to believe because it is impossible.


Next task: the cross-sections.

3 thoughts on “TORTOISE AND HARE”

  1. Savour every step for an infinitely delicious result. By the way a neighbour told me that the spotted gum, that grows so well here, is good for boat building because, as well as being an attractive hardwood, bends well when steamed. I have bought some to make a huge trunk to replace the pantry I don’t have in this house–it will fit nicely under the stairwell to store bulk rice, dhal, and oats etc.

    1. Greetings Richard. Well, I am at least travelling hopefully, and enjoy focusing on the details…

      Yes, Spotted Gum is an excellent wood for boat building: tough, resilient and flexible. It is also used for tool handles etc.

      Good luck with that large (and probably heavy) spotted gum trunk; I hope you can get in additional help to put it under the stairwell!

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