A Heath Robinson project….

This strange object (below) is my version of thickness callipers, intended to take measurements at various points of the soundboard.

The thickness of a lute soundboard varies from point to point.

Professional thickness callipers can be obtained at great cost – beyond my reach – so I thought to construct one for the Boatshed, using scraps of Ironbark, and a few offcuts from Dad’s special collection of Ebony.

Lignum Vitae, I recalled, was used long ago in the making of watch parts….it seemed to me that Ebony and Ironbark might serve well enough.

If the callipers don’t work, for some reason, I will try again….

2 thoughts on “A Heath Robinson project….”

    1. Well, it’s a thought – although any aspiring Luthier could make one – and those with a love of metal could use aluminum: not my cup of tea.

      But first of all – let’s see if the Ironbark Callipers do the job….

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