More lute-making tools

The fine dovetail saw, the jeweller’s saw, and  the wood-carving knife all fall into the category of ‘necessary luxuries’. I could probably make do without them – but they will no doubt prove their worth. They are a joy to use.

The Japanese Plane is an indulgence, pure and simple (I already have a beautiful low-angle block plane for lute-making purposes).

I am now faced with the challenge of setting it  up. It can be a tricky business, so I understand….

I will report further.




2 thoughts on “More lute-making tools”

    1. Greetings Richard. The wood surface is taken down to 600 emery, and then burnished with a stick of cypress.

      Thereafter, if the spoon is intended for presentation, or ceremonial purposes, I rub in beeswax – otherwise, vegetable oil.

      And then, a final polish….

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