Transom 2


As far as any small boat can be watertight, Shearwater is now watertight….

Next task:  repairing our new mainsail, which has been damaged by an enterprising rat. He, or she, gnawed three almost perfectly circular holes in the lower fabric. I suppose that is one interpretation of the nautical phrase – shortening sail.

Our last voyage in the Bay was long ago (around 2007).  Almost time to get out the beach rollers, and return Shearwater to her native element.

4 thoughts on “Transom 2”

    1. Thanks Geoff. It will be heartening to have Shearwater on the water, after so many years of nautical hibernation.

      One thing, at least, has changed since the early days: we get steady sea-breezes in the afternoons – and the injunction learnt when we were ship’s boys is turned on its head.

      Subject matter for a PhD, perhaps…..

    1. Greetings Craig. Yes indeed – I think we all have that impulse to some degree.

      Time to “smite the sounding furrows”…!

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