Lute 2

The beginning of a new Lute Shell. I thought I might as well work on a second lute, while completing the first.

As before, I will shape the neck-block from a piece of quarter-sawn Poplar. There is no need to ‘loft’ the mould and templates; it’s all done, and ready to go.

The search is on for a suitable wood:  possibly (recycled) Huon Pine. I have been told by those who know that it produces a gentle sound – which is fine by me. Any sort of lute sound would be gratifying.

I hope I can remember what the Learning Curve taught me….


2 thoughts on “Lute 2”

  1. When I do something that turns out well (which, on this first time, has some effect I got half accidentally) then I do it again so I can pin down that good effect and own it so it can be reproduced any time. But I guess with a lute it is more mathematical and the unknown factor is in the final result (the sound it makes). Good luck!

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