The endliner, made of Queensland Kauri,  is now installed along the inside edge of the lute body – where the construction is at its weakest.

Later on I will glue an endclasp to the outside edge, for additional strength.

I am pleased to report that the little wooden clamps did their job perfectly well. It seems they are not merely charming to look at, but more or less functional….


8 thoughts on “LEARNING CURVE 8”

    1. Thanks Geoff. Well, these are merely native cypress variations on a long-established theme.

      I expect a fifteenth century Italian luthier has already secured the patent!

  1. What a joy to make something fit, and glue it, and come back the next day to take the clamps off–reminds me of the whole inner quest of making our awareness fitting, stabilising it, and then enjoying the extended benefits in daily life..

    1. Greetings Richard. I was advised to wrap tape around the tips of the wooden clamps, to prevent them from being inadvertently glued to the endliner.

      But I forgot to do that!

      A narrow escape from disaster, this time round….

  2. Your work is beautifully sculptural Chris, and every stage looks elegant. I especially like your pegs’ geometrical and detailed rectangular shows balancing Lute’s sweeping curves…

    1. Thankyou Lucy. Yes, I am a little in love with those miniature clamps. I had fun making them – and I’m glad to discover they work!

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