These are small prints, each a  gem.

Nishijima was born in 1945. He continues to design, carve and print superb images.

A contemporary Master….

4 thoughts on “KATSUYUKI NISHIJIMA 2”

  1. The almost monochrome is very soothing and the one flash of graduated colour is everything in its simplicity–there is nothing to compete with it or distract us–perhaps this is the essence of Zen poems and paintings..

    1. Thanks Richard. I think that is true. He is a great artist, with qualities reflected in his work (and way of working): simplicity, purity, strength, focus. No multi-tasking!

  2. These images are lovely Chris … & quite austere. Being so close to the picture plane these architectural details & buildings seem very close, as if we stand in a street close enough to domestic exteriors to touch them.
    I like his geometric & semi abstract compositions … and his skill at regular patterning – of vertical railings and mosaic roof tiles … with just enough irregularities to bring life to them. Gems indeed.

    1. Greetings Lucy. I am lucky to have these – and there are a few more behind glass: difficult to photograph satisfactorily. He just keeps creating beautiful work….!

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