9 thoughts on “State of the Workbench”

  1. Very tidy Chris !
    I’m curious about the ‘Frank Bauer approach’ is to have no overlapping tools ?

    1. Greetings Lucy. Frank taught us to keep the workbenches ‘orderly’, and to clear them at the end of every working day – so that we would return in the morning to a ‘blank page’. I am not quite there yet….

  2. I do admit to having developed a ‘clean up after the job’ policy (but the job can last for a month or two and during that time there are tools everywhere and it works–so that I only clean up in between jobs if I can’t find something!)

  3. Looks to be some beautiful works in progess there on your workbench. All done under the watch of your labrador, how sweet.

    1. Greetings Sneha. Pedro the White Warrior is an indispensable factor in the quest for perfection!

      And a steadfast companion, in spirit….

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