15 thoughts on “Offcuts 2”

    1. Thankyou Heather. I enjoy making them: miniature sculptures, or ‘okimono’ – each of them independent and unique.

    1. Greetings Sneha – thankyou. I am hoping one day to create an object that has a life of its own – that seems always to have existed. Hokusai would surely approve of the aspiration, if not the result….

    1. That’s a nice idea – thankyou Lucy. But first things first: I need to obtain a cap….

      Huon Pine is a delicate wood, beautiful to carve, marks easily. This last characteristic requires a lot of work to get a ‘clean’ finish.

    1. Interesting perspective! Each fragment has its own story.
      I don’t think wood is well-suited to complicated design. Perhaps one day I shall arrive at the Uncarved Block….no intervention required!

    1. Greetings Ruth. Well, I hope to assemble a Fleet (Flight?) of Feathers, and then see how it goes. I am sure they will be up for sale.
      The feathers in the photos are shaped from Huon Pine. I will also try my hand with Myall: beautiful wood, as you know, but probably the hardest/toughest I have ever encountered….on par with Lignum Vitae!

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