I finished installing the air cell sisalation during the week. It felt like a big step. We now have a more or less enclosed space.

Next job: setting glass into the western and southern window frames. The windows are over-engineered, like everything else in the boatshed – and rightly so. Winter gales down here provide a good test of workmanship, and a good test of materials. Any construction that is weak, or made of second-rate materials, will sooner or later disintegrate.

The glass is of heavy gauge (if that is the correct term), and storm-proof.


I have not forgotten the weatherboards. In my dreams the walls seem endless – but during daylight hours, I can see that two and a half walls are completed; only one and a half walls to go…..

2 thoughts on “ENCLOSED”

  1. KEEP AT IT CHICKIE BABE, is there going to be a pot bellied stove for winter and some skylights to warm and illuminate?

    1. Yes, there is a slow-combustion ‘stove’, for the winter mornings (See: ‘Necessary Luxury’) – and at least one skylight is planned (the sort you can adjust).

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