And master of all….

Durable, easily-maintained – and by turn weight, support, counter-weight, divide or stop, according to circumstance.

Also useful for straightening out nails that have been disfigured by an unhappy encounter with Ironbark.

This is not the original shoe-last from Dad’s workshop, but a fair (and functional) replica.

2 thoughts on “JACK-OF-ALL-TRADES”

  1. Hey, my Dad had a thing something like that, except each of the 3 ‘legs’ had a different sized foot. I think he called it a cobbler’s last. Very handy, finishing it’s life as a doorstop/burglar discourager amd occasionally a toe bender for the unwary. 🙂

    1. Probably quite common in the 1950’s, or thereabouts – and I like to think they are coming back into fashion!

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