The floor was swept and clean; the pins were all swept up and stuck into pin papers; the ends of thread and little silk snippets were all tidied away, and gone from the floor.

But upon the table! Oh joy – the tailor gave a shout!

There – where he had left plain cuttings of cloth – there lay the most beautifullest coat and gold-brocaded waistcoat that ever were worn by a mayor of Gloucester.

There was embroidery upon the cuffs and upon the pocket flaps and upon the skirts of the coat: it was cherry-coloured corded silk, lined with yellow padusoy; there were one-and-twenty buttons.

The waistcoat was of peach-coloured satin, worked with thread of gold and silver.

Everything was quite finished except just one single cherry-coloured button-hole; and where that buttonhole was wanting, there was pinned a little scrap of paper, with these words – in teeny weeny writing –


                                                        “no more twist”.


From: The Tailor of Gloucester
by Beatrix Potter

First published by Frederick Warne & Co. Ltd
London  1903


The search is on for twenty-six rough-sawn Native Cypress weatherboards, with rebates.




2 thoughts on “HALF A WALL”

  1. I don’t know about twist but Steven at the hardware down here has a source for native cypress in Queensland–gave me a good price for it, shipping included. I can make the introduction. . .

    1. Thanks Geoff. I have Timber Frames Australia on the lookout, but if they fail I will certainly explore your hardware option.

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