4 thoughts on “HOKUSAI 2”

  1. Eastern & western walls look really good Chris – you certainly have an eye for detail & solid construction. Well done!

    1. Greetings Andy. Yes, I don’t want those walls to fall over – and they have to weather the wild westerlies (and south–easterlies)….

  2. I enjoyed your site Chris and the love you put into everything–the zen of shed-making, the soul of action. I am getting natural edge weather boards to line the inner walls of the loft area in the new house–blackbutt hardwood sliced off the log with the bark taken off but the natural edge (unmilled) left to show as a feature–and the boards are installed in sequence–as they come off the log–so that a little bump here where there was a branch is repeated below and again below till it fades out. The result is very pleasing. Google ‘natural edge weatherboards’

    1. Thankyou Richard. Natural-edge weatherboards in sequence….now that is really Zen, state-of-the-lost-arts, low-technology. Too late for this boatshed, but perhaps I can try it out on the next project….!

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