I have been preparing cypress beadings at a portable bench inside the boatshed.

Apart from the entrance, which still needs double doors, our work area is enclosed, and is proving to be a  comfortable and – dare I say it – enchanting space.

Outside, the sun comes and goes, and a chilly wind blows from the south; inside, the light is steady, and  the cypress walls provide warmth and protection. It is a light-filled environment, which will be lighter still once we have skylights in place (above the two permanent benches), and the four LED light-bulbs installed at stategic points.

At first, I was worried about shedding  cypress wood-shavings onto a pristine and very beautiful cypress floor…but after all, it is a workshop, not a luxury apartment – and in due course I got used to standing in the sea of shavings and wood-dust (which I later swept up).

The electrican, who is an enthusiast and boatshed devotee,  will be here in the next week or so. I understand the LED lights will last for thirty two years. At that stage, I expect we will have to replace them with (no doubt) superior technology.



4 thoughts on “INSIDE THE BOATSHED”

    1. The cypress certainly provides a wonderful setting. Still plenty of ‘outside’ work to complete: fascia, barge planks, double-doors, remaining weatherboards, ventilation adjusters (or whatever they are called)….and inside, cypress lining behind the two benches. The danger for home builders is that these fiddly jobs often get postponed and postponed – just as they did in my dwelling on Forktree Road. I hope I have learnt the lesson, and can get everything finished.

  1. Enchanting is an interesting word for a workshop description. It implies something subtle on the level of feeling. I am sure with the meticulous effort & warmth of feeling you have put into the construction it’s only natural the workshop should feel this way.

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