Call it a whim, or stubborness, or yet another example of eccentricity….whatever the case may be, I decided last year that I would attempt to grow camellias in this unfavourable climate. The growing of camellias is a sort of family tradition and – perhaps as a result – I have become fond of them.

Early on there were a number of failures. Indigenous plants thrive in the salt air, but not much else.

I am pleased to report, however, that Japonica Bob Hope and Camellia Beatrice Emily have produced flower buds which look set to blossom in the next few weeks.

Sam will keep his camera close at hand to record further developments….


2 thoughts on “BOATSHED CAMELLIA 1”

  1. I like that one is called Beatrice, my mother’s name. My mother was responsible for two kinds of plant in our garden (Dad being the main gardener) – camellias and hydrangeas.

    Wonderful to see all the progress you are making, Chris. By the way, I am now coming to Adelaide in May, not April. I hope to catch up then.

    1. Thankyou Jenny. That sounds like an excellent division of labour. I expect I will be posting photos of the Beatrice Emily in flower well before May!

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