A month or so ago I was thinking that installation of the Endclasp would be  a relatively easy matter – but alas, I discover it is by no means easy….at least, not easy for a novice.

I have so far developed three different templates, in the hope of coming up with a pattern that does the job.

One pattern does, indeed, look to be acceptable. In the gallery you can see an ‘experimental’ length of cypress, maybe 1.2 mm thick, bent around the ‘stern’ end of the lute. If that works out, I will use the same pattern on my Plan A cypress, and  hope for the best.

There is no particular endlcasp formula I know of, unless it be patience, or stubbornness – or both.

Perhaps: make haste slowly.

4 thoughts on “LEARNING CURVE 12”

      1. Hi Chris,
        I can’t see the problem. It looks like that endclasp fits very well. Also very elegantly profiled.
        Is the problem that the wood won’t bend and adhere across two dimensions?
        (you don’t want to see my bush-carpentry 🙂 )


        1. Thanks Ian. Yes, the endclasp installation encompasses a range of technical ‘challenges’ which are not easy to describe.

          But with luck they have been addressed – most of them – and I can move on to the ‘Plan A’ cypress.

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