One of the satisfying things about wooden Boatsheds – and wooden Boats – is that they require annual maintenance….assuming they haven’t been  covered with a toxic sealant such as epoxy.

Winter, of course,  is the best season for attending to the running repairs on boats; the best season for dreaming great maritime dreams.

I usually  tackle the odds and ends of Boatshed maintenance in Autumn, when it is a pleasure to be working outside. The hands seem to create their own rhythm, while heart and mind are free to wander along any path they choose.

Each day of this autumn I have been sanding back the cladding, bit by bit – and thereafter applying our special linseed oil mixture, based on the secret recipe that Dad developed for Shearwater.

The Boatshed gradually emerges from its weathered  ‘chrysalis’, and reveals what was always there: a beautiful golden colour reflecting the mellow sunlight of autumn….

7 thoughts on “MAINTENANCE”

    1. Thanks Ruth. Yes, it wouldn’t feel right to be working inside today….

      The cypress colour gets better and better. One of my favourite woods.

  1. That’s a big job Chris
    I hope you used a power-sander…. just joking…but wait on…tell me you are not doing it by hand!

    1. Greetings Ian. How could I follow the meandering Way, with a power sander blaring in my ears?!

      little snail
      inch by inch, climb
      Mt. Fuji

      Kobayashi Issa

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