Estuary 6

Perfect Autumn day. Photos by Sam. The tracks in the sand belong to a White-faced Heron. At the southern end of the bay there is a flock of ten or so – but up by the estuary we might see a solitary bird patrolling the river bank. Perhaps the northern end is reserved for eccentrics, and those of hermetic inclination….

4 thoughts on “Estuary 6”

    1. Thankyou Sneha. I couldn’t help smiling at your comment…it hits the mark. I suspect a number of Boatshed subscribers would gravitate to the northern end – in which case there might be some confusion between northern and southern! But where to go then? To the east: Yankalilla Hill; to the west: the ocean. I think I would favour the western direction, if only I had my little ketch on hand. One day….

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