Enchantment of Planes


The Luthier Planes (below), made of ebony, are a generous and  thoughtful gift from my nieces and nephews. They were manufactured by a famous Chinese company, Mujingpang, and are of excellent quality.

Each plane has a particular function, defined by its shape.

The one with an almost vertical blade can be used on tricky grains, or to refine thicknesses. There are planes for flat, convex and concave surfaces – and finally, a plane with a blade as wide as the body or stock, for getting into edges and corners.

Ebony is an extremely hard and resilient wood. I have no doubt the planes, although tiny (about two inches long) will outlast me – and  maintain their working lives for many generations….

3 thoughts on “Enchantment of Planes”

  1. Miniature treasures, tiny ebony workers … made with love and care by other workers in a far off place. A beautiful gift Chris, of new companions.

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