Boatshed Orchids

During the past year, our colony of Greenhood Orchids has expanded: we now have about ninety plants. They clearly like their sheltered home on the lee side of the Boatshed.

Greenhood Ground Orchids are endemic to Fleurieu Peninsula – but I doubt that they occur naturally so close to the ocean. Our Boatshed colony is probably unique, and much cherished.

From time to time the little orchids show theirĀ  heads aboveĀ  the parapet….just as I do with my Boatshed commentaries. In that sense, I see them as kindred spirits…..

4 thoughts on “Boatshed Orchids”

  1. What dear things ! And I can see clearly what they look like in your lovely pots. Many of our native orchids are so modest they are hard to spot amongst other species in bushland settings. Well done encouraging them to flourish.

    1. Thanks Ruth. Yes, they are good companions,and a reminder of Mark’s astonishing legacy.

      The little orchids are multiplying; I will need more pots…..

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