Endclasp 1

Almost there.

Seen from above, the horse-shoe curve of the endclasp is reasonably straightforward; its just a matter of shaping it on the bending iron. But shaping the vertical plane is more complicated, because it has to keep twisting in order to accommodate the ever-changing vertical contours of the lute body. And just to complicate matters: where the bottom edge of the endclasp  picks up the edge of each rib, I must smooth away the ridges.

Difficult, but not impossible. My next attempt, on the next lute, should be easier to navigate.

4 thoughts on “Endclasp 1”

  1. This endclasp is a lovely shape with its decorative design at each taper. And I like to see the range of clips holding each stage together during assembly. Amongst your contemporary clips are wooded devices with tiny chocks … are these a historic style of clasp?

    1. More or less Lucy. It is a Luthier gadget, and I improvised a little with the specific design…..

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