Estuary 7

We were up at the estuary last Saturday, and Sam did well to capture some beautiful images on his miniature phone camera. Sunlight slanting from the west,  water flowing into the sea, and ripples moving upstream all came together at the right time.

Those hieroglyphics in the sand must be evidence of a Lady Bay ‘news cycle’ beyond our ken. If ever we come to decipher them, I imagine there will be little else to accomplish.

3 thoughts on “Estuary 7”

  1. Beautiful, as always — is the colour coming upstream or downstream? The outlet of the drain down here (one of the SE system) is about the same colour at the moment.

    1. Thanks Geoff. The ‘bokashi’ shading runs north-south. The water is flowing west. The golden ripples are heading eastwards, upstream. I assume the ‘tannin’ colour comes from both upstream acacia/melaleuca etc and from seaweed stranded in the estuary. But as you know, it is not a pristine catchment.
      Sam made a brief video, which I will attmept to post at some stage.

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