George Gerle Rose

They say that practice makes perfect – or at least better – so I’m giving it a shot. I won’t be cutting into the soundboard until I am confident of a worthwhile result.

Or to put it another way:  the Wabi Sabi philosophy  is not going to save me from a charge of incompetence.

There are countless rose designs. I have chosen the original rose used for  George Gerle’s six course lute (16th century), of which my own lute will be a humble replica. The Lute evolved from the Arabic Oud, and the Gerle rose was designed to reflect that inheritance.

Samples in the photo are of Huon Pine, King William Pine and European Spruce. I am inclined to the Huon Pine: it cuts sweetly, carves sweetly, and is in every respect a beautiful wood.

4 thoughts on “George Gerle Rose”

  1. Chris I love the Medieval, Celtic and Islamic influences floating in that geometric rose. And Huon pine smells so wonderful, always. Great choice

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